Category: Sunday Evening Service

Psalm 57 Handout

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

No Mythstakes Handout

seleced scriptures

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

Bible study for the Sunday evening service

1 Sam 1-7 Visual Outline Chart

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

06-07-2020 Bible Study - Overview of Samuel

1 Samuiel 1 - 2 Samuel 24

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

NT Flyover: Peter - Revelation

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

NT Flyover Part 5

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

The Descendants of Esau

Genesis 36

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

Genesis 36 Exposition.
Sunday Evening Sermon.

The Promise Comes into Peril at Shechem

Genesis 34:1-31

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

Genesis 34 flyover.
Evening Bible Study.

Fiji Farewell (audio)

3 John 4-8

cf. 3 John 4-8

The Readiness of Hope - Jesse Randolph

1 Peter 1:13

Guest Speaker Jesse Randolph of Compass Bible Church in Tustin, CA.
Sunday Evening Service.

I've Got A Deal You Can't Refuse

Genesis 29

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

Expositional Bible Study: Jacob's Introduction to Laban's World, Jacob & Laban's Negotiations for Marriage, The Deceptive Giving Away of the Bride, Re-negotiations for Marriage to Rachel.

Sunday Evening Service

The Conflicts of Abraham

Genesis 21-22

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

Video Sermon with Visual Outline Chart & Bible Maps on-screen. Genesis 21-22: The Conflict Between Abraham and Abimelech, The Sojourning of Abraham, and Isaac the Son of Promise.

Sunday Evening Sermon/Study.

The Importance of Sound Doctrine

Select Scriptures

by Pastor Edward Caballero

A video sermon on the importance of sound doctrine.
Sunday Evening Sermon.

The Path Of The Patriarch: Abraham's Journeys

Genesis 12-25

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

An Overview of Genesis 12-25.
Sunday Evening Sermon/Study.

The Saga of the Son

Genesis 25-26

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

Ishmael's descendants, outside the covenant: Genesis 25:12-18, The early drama of Jacob & Esau: Genesis 25:19-34, Conflict between Isaac & Abimelech: Genesis 26:1-35, and the Transitional conflicts with Esau foreshadowed: Genesis 26:34-35. With added Visual Outline Charts & Moody Bible Maps for greater context.

Sunday Evening Sermon