Category: Sunday Evening Service

Psalm 54 Handout (revised)

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

Psalm 57 Handout

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

No Mythstakes Handout

seleced scriptures

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

Bible study for the Sunday evening service

1 Sam 1-7 Visual Outline Chart

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

06-07-2020 Bible Study - Overview of Samuel

1 Samuiel 1 - 2 Samuel 24

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

NT Flyover: Peter - Revelation

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

NT Flyover Part 5

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

The Descendants of Esau

Genesis 36

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

Genesis 36 Exposition.
Sunday Evening Sermon.

The Promise Comes into Peril at Shechem

Genesis 34:1-31

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

Genesis 34 flyover.
Evening Bible Study.

Fiji Farewell (audio)

3 John 4-8

cf. 3 John 4-8

The Readiness of Hope - Jesse Randolph

1 Peter 1:13

Guest Speaker Jesse Randolph of Compass Bible Church in Tustin, CA.
Sunday Evening Service.

I've Got A Deal You Can't Refuse

Genesis 29

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

Expositional Bible Study: Jacob's Introduction to Laban's World, Jacob & Laban's Negotiations for Marriage, The Deceptive Giving Away of the Bride, Re-negotiations for Marriage to Rachel.

Sunday Evening Service

The Conflicts of Abraham

Genesis 21-22

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

Video Sermon with Visual Outline Chart & Bible Maps on-screen. Genesis 21-22: The Conflict Between Abraham and Abimelech, The Sojourning of Abraham, and Isaac the Son of Promise.

Sunday Evening Sermon/Study.

The Importance of Sound Doctrine

Select Scriptures

by Pastor Edward Caballero

A video sermon on the importance of sound doctrine.
Sunday Evening Sermon.

The Path Of The Patriarch: Abraham's Journeys

Genesis 12-25

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

An Overview of Genesis 12-25.
Sunday Evening Sermon/Study.

The Saga of the Son

Genesis 25-26

by Pastor Scott Bashoor

Ishmael's descendants, outside the covenant: Genesis 25:12-18, The early drama of Jacob & Esau: Genesis 25:19-34, Conflict between Isaac & Abimelech: Genesis 26:1-35, and the Transitional conflicts with Esau foreshadowed: Genesis 26:34-35. With added Visual Outline Charts & Moody Bible Maps for greater context.

Sunday Evening Sermon