Food Pak Ministry

We are excited to share with you a new community resource now available at CBC. We’ve partnered with Children’s Hunger Fund to provide gift boxes of dry foods and snacks to kids through their “Project Food Pak.” We’re looking to connect with families in our community who could use a little assistance via these Food Paks.

Children’s Hunger Fund has been active for decades in providing relief to kids overseas, but they’ve also had a very active ministry here in the United States. Hunger is no stranger to kids in America, and during these tough economic times more families than normal are feeling the pinch. These Food Pak’s are a small way of making a real difference. Each Pak includes dry foods like pasta, soups, beans, vegetables, and wrapped snacks (such as granola bars).

We have Food Paks on hand to share with kids and their families. If your family or a family you know would benefit from this ministry, please let us know. A team from our church will be happy to drop off the Food Pak at the recipient’s home, pass on the gift box to the children, and share with the family about God’s greatest gift to us in His Son, Jesus Christ. There is absolutely no cost for benefiting from this ministry, and there is no obligation to attend meetings at our church. This is simply a means for us to minister to our community by sharing good food and Good News.

This ministry is designed by CHF to be for kids first and foremost, so the Food Pak’s go to them directly. Of course, each Pak contains food that can be shared by the whole family. But we especially want kids to know that they are loved and that there is a God who provides. 
If you’d like more information, please contact our coordinator, J.B. Heller. You can email him at, or leave a message with the church office (714-527-2672).