Hopi Ministry

Kykotsmovi Mennonite Church and the Hopi Mission Trip

The Hopi Ministry began 18 years ago. Pastor Balt and his
mother had been praying that God would send someone to share
the Gospel with their people. Balt’s mother was born on the Hopi
Reservation. While growing up Balt and his family would spend
many family vacations enjoying their time on the Hopi
reservation. God answered their prayers as they decided to go
and share the Gospel with their family, friends and all Hopi who
would listen. The ministry partners with the Kykotsmovi
Mennonite Church which is located on the Hopi Indian
Reservation in northern Arizona.
The Lord has continued to bless this ministry in providing the
finances, workers, but most importantly the opportunities to
share the Gospel of Christ to those living within the Hopi &
Navajo Nations.
We ask that all prayers focus on continuing the ministry so that
God’s Word is faithfully and consistently taught, preached and
lived out on the Hopi & Navajo Lands.
Future ministry trips are already being planned and scheduled. If
you have any questions, are interested in donating towards the
ministry, or are wanting specific prayer requests please contact
Pastor Balt.